Posted to the Ethnos Project by on February 2nd, 2014

The World Bank e-Atlas of Global Development is a sophisticated online, interactive tool that maps and graphs more than 175 indicators from the World Bank’s development database.

Developed in collaboration with HarperCollins, the e-Atlas of Global Development allows users to easily and quickly transform data into customized visual comparisons across time, countries, and regions. The resulting full color maps and graphs can subsequently be exported for sharing and later use (watch e-Atlas video here).

The e-Atlas lets you map more than 175 indicators for up to 200 countries over time including creating two maps to compare progress. Other features include scalable maps, timeline graphing, ranking tables, and import and export functions. Critical issues such as poverty, food production, population growth, climate change, international trade, and foreign direct investment are covered.

Check out the World Bank eAtlas of Global Development (3rd edition) here.

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