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The Tuvan-English online talking dictionary is hosted on a Linux server at Swarthmore College with full backup and RAID array redundancy. It is programmed in the MySQL database management system, which support multi-user access. It is a searchable, talking, on-line dictionary with searchability functions for both English (Latin)- and Tuvan (Cyrillic)-literate users. It currently has 7,482 lexical entries, over 75% of which have streamable soundfiles and about 5% have pictures.

The Tuvan dictionary is compiled by Gregory D. S. Anderson and K. David Harrison in 1997-2006. The authors retain copyright of the dictionary and its contents. Voice recordings by Kheimer-ool Kuular. Translation assistance by Aleksandar (Sasha) Ondar.

Field research in Tuva in 1997-2004 was supported by grants from IREX (, the Wenner-Gren Foundation ( and VolkswagenStiftung (

The soundfiles in this online version were expertly read by native speaker Mr. Kheimer-ool Kuular and recorded by K. David Harrison in 2006. (Thanks to A. Myldyk and Eric Raimy for technical assistance.)

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