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The content of this blog is generated by students enrolled in Tulane University’s IDEV4100: Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) course. Students in the course are generally junior and senior students, majoring in International Development through the Payson Center at Tulane. You can also follow their class Twitter account: @TulaneICT4D.

Course Description

Globally, “Information and Communication Technology” (ICT) is being used as one of the key delivery mechanisms for development. The proliferation of the Internet, wireless communication, and the applied synergy among different forms of communication technologies have empowered the global population to ensure better a lifestyle for the present and future generation. The significance of ICT for development (ICT4D) is even higher in global south, where majority of the population still lives in poverty. This course will examine key issues and trends around ICT4D using different theories, examining case studies in multiple sectors of development, and participatory hands-on learning approaches. We learn about movements and issues such as: “appropriate” technologies for development, the digital divide, social movements, gender, human-centered design, the social construction of technology and more. This course targets international development students with little formal training in information and communication technologies.

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