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THINK! (The Innovation Knowledge Foundation) is an international no-profit research institute – a think tank – whose aim is to collect, process, share and circulate information concerning the ways in which ICT and digital technologies can enable innovation processes, economic growth and human development in mature, emerging and less developed countries in an era of environmental sustainability.

The main objectives of THINK are:

  • To promote research into how ICT and digital technologies can advance innovation, improve the quality of life, enable sustainable development by means of the greater use of low carbon emission and energy efficient technologies, promote better public services in the context of a movement towards digital citizenship, and overcome the digital divide.
  • To collect, analyse and share international best practices and success stories relating to the application of ICT and digital technologies to economic and human development, in order to identify, formulate and promote public policies aimed at advancing technological innovation and productivity, and assist policy makers in understanding the nature of the new innovation economy and the types of public policy needed to drive local and international innovation, productivity and broad-based prosperity.
  • To establish a website designed to collect and replicate innovative ICT applications that will improve the quality of life of citizens and enhance the productivity of firms, industries and economies.
  • To promote local and international events, and create educational and conference programmes in collaboration with universities and research centres, development agencies, and local and international institutions in order to spread the culture of innovation.
  • To promote and support no-profit programmes and initiatives for human development based on the use of IT and digital technologies in emerging and less developed countries.

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