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Increasingly, communities and organisations around the world are realising the value and significance of Indigenous Knowledge and the importance of preserving it for future generations. Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) are being established globally, but particularly in Australia, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The capture and preservation of Indigenous Knowledge is being used to revitalise endangered cultures, improve the economic independence and sustainability of Indigenous communities and to increase community-based involvement in planning and development. In parallel with the increasing recognition of the value and relevance of Indigenous Knowledge to today’s world and the need to preserve it, is recognition of the role that Information Technologies (IT) can play in its capture, management and dissemination. This chapter provides an overview of the current state of IT tools, services, and projects relevant to Indigenous Knowledge management. In particular it describes information technology tools being developed at DSTC (in consultation with numerous Indigenous and cultural organisations) that have been designed to enable Indigenous communities to capture, control and share their knowledge within local knowledge bases according to their unique, specific local needs. Finally this chapter identifies unresolved issues that will require further collaborative research and development and cooperation between Indigenous communities, researchers and software developers.

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