Posted to the Ethnos Project by on August 10th, 2016

We present THE GLOTTOLOG DATA EXPLORER, an interactive web application in which the world’s languages are mapped using a JavaScript library in the ‘Shiny’ framework for R (Chang et al., 2016). The world’s languages and major dialects are mapped using coordinates from the Glottolog database (Hammarström et al., 2016). The application is primarily intended to portray the endangerment status of the world’s languages, and hence the default map shows the languages colour-coded for this factor. Subsequently, the user may opt to hide (or re-introduce) data subsets by endangerment status, and to resize the datapoints by speaker counts. Tooltips allow the user to view language family classification and links the user to the relevant Glottolog webpage for each entry. We provide a data table for exploration of the languages by various factors. The web application is freely available at

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