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In December 2010, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak approved the formation of the Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovation (ISITI). The Centre of Excellence for Rural Informatics (CoERI) which was previously anchored at the Faculty of Computer Science and IT, is now anchored at ISITI. In 1999 UNIMAS launched eBario project in remote community of Bario, Sarawak. By applying a people-centered/ participatory approach, the project aims to deploy the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), empower and train the Bario community to apply ICTs in improving their livelihood. After the successful experiment of eBario the institute developed expertise in many niche areas including but not limited to Rural Informatics, Green Technologies, ICTD and ICT4D. One of the most important impacts of the eBario and eBario replication projects has been providing the basis for the creation of ISITI-CoERI at UNIMAS.

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