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Indigenous knowledge (IK) is defined as local or traditional knowledge that is unique to every culture or society, which sometimes influences local decision-making in different areas. In some communities, it is even regarded as a problem solving mechanism to rural communities. IK is recognized as having relevance to the daily life routine of most individuals, economic development, culture preservation and political transformation, which lead to poverty reduction. IK plays part in contributing to poverty eradication among communities in Tanzania. IK is implicit knowledge and thus difficult to systemize, it is embedded in community practices, institutions, relationships and rituals.

The indigenous knowledge database is a product of the Tanzania Development Gateway, an initiative that uses Information Technology and the Internet to promote social and economic development within Tanzania. The database has been established to enhance sharing and dissemination of IK information, experiences and practices in Tanzania.


  • This database provides a platform/ system where IK is captured, stored and disseminated
  • Provide a mechanism of sharing this knowledge and also integrate it with modern science and technology to enhance information dissemination
  • Promote sharing and dissemination of IK information, experience and practices in Tanzania.
  • In realization of IK and its contribution to social and economic development, the database will promote development of IK systems to improve local communities by establishing a mechanism

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