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Tahltan Language Conservation Initiative Project (TLCIP) is a grassroots conservation effort that will focus on the preservation of the severely endangered Tahltan Language. There are only 16 fluent native Tahltan speakers alive today and all but two are over the age of seventy.

TLCIP will work with the remaining speakers in an effort to digitally archive the language in both audio and printed formats and in the process develop interactive digital resources (Apps, iBooks etc) in the Tahltan Language. The Tahltan language is at risk of extinction within the next few years unless vigorous preservation measures are taken. We have the local technical capacity to save our dying language, all that’s needed is your financial contribution – your contribution will keep our language from disappearing.

The Tahltan Language Conservation Initiative Project is seeking to raise $35,000 to work on the preservation of the Tahltan Language. The net proceeds from this campaign will enable us to expand our conservation efforts/research in the Tahltan Communities and allow us to archive the language and develop digital resource material for the children and young people.

The project will purchase digital recording devices, computers, cameras, digital miscellaneous items (external drives, discs etc.), and pay researchers and technical team to continue working on the conservation of the Endangered Language.

Learn more about the project and how you can support it…

Visit their campaign on Indiegogo

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