Calling all failures – curating a collection of cautionary tales

A few years ago, I stumbled across a discussion on Facebook that briefly mentioned the Ethnos Project. I wasn’t able to find it again for reference, but I recall that one of the participants had come away from this site with the feeling that the project (or rather, I as its creator) […]

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Information and Communication Technologies in Development: Contextuality and Promise

Implementation of projects aimed at harnessing information and communication technologies (ICTs) for socio-economic development in Africa are inevitably affected by the state of basic infrastructure. This explains the mixed results of ICT adoption as emerging evaluative research indicates. However, through recurrent practices, users of ICTs in many places have devised […]

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The Challenge of “sustainability” in ICT4D – is Bricolage the Answer?

Sustainability is a central concern in a wide variety of “ICT for development” projects – from telecentres to ICT education in schools and universities and health informatics. But what is sustainability and how can it be achieved? In contrast tothe ICT fordevelopment literature, much IS literature does not emphasize sustainability, […]

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