Summit Addresses Indigenous Digital Divide in Australia

This post, written by Ethnos Curator Rachael Petersen, originally appeared on the Rising Voices website.  Online heritage databases, an indigenous app to connect peoples worldwide, a network of recycled digital devices, and an Aboriginal digital social enterprise are just some of the responses to the focus of a recent summit […]

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Australian Indigenous Languages Database (AUSTLANG)

The AUSTLANG system assembles information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages from various sources. The core of AUSTLANG is the AUSTLANG database (online Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages database) which is linked to Google Maps. The system also facilitates access to other databases, PDF files and links to […]

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Ara Irititja: Protecting the Past, Accessing the Future – Indigenous Memories in a Digital Age

On October 1, 2003 the Ara Irititja: Protecting the Past, Accessing the Future—Indigenous Memories in a Digital Age touring exhibition began its nearly year and a half in-country tour at the South Australian Museum (SAM) in Adelaide.Ara Irititja’s production began in 1994 as part of the Pitjantjatjara Council’s “Return of […]

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ICTs and Indigenous pedagogy: Techniques of resistance in chat rooms

Abstract This paper draws upon the ideas and scholarship encapsulated by a core unit at QUT in Indigenous Education. This unit was developed and written by Indigenous staff in the university’s Oodgeroo Unit and taken up for delivery for the first time in 2003. Staff in Teaching and Learning Support […]

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Time Machine 1986: Linguists call for TV to save Aboriginal languages

Click image to see a larger version of the article. More articles by Geoff Maslen at The Age.

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Blacktracker: GPS-based Smartphone app for Indigenous Heritage Have you ever wondered about the traditional owners of the land you’re on? And not known where to find out about their cultures and traditions? As the ‘Indigenous Heritage and Education’ working group at the Heywire Regional Youth Summit, our aim was to create […]

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Blacktracker: GPS-based Smartphone app for Indigenous Heritage

In February 2012, 35 youth from regional Australia set out to improve regional Australia for young people at the Heywire Regional Youth Summit in Canberra. Nine groups were formed, with the aim to have a specific issue addressed. The Indigenous Heritage and Education group members are Lance Ashley from Hodgson […]

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Access and Control of Indigenous Knowledge in Libraries and Archives: Ownership & Future Use

Abstract Last year, a friend of mine from a remote community in Arnhem Land, in northern Australia, came down to Canberra to look through various collections that pertained to his community and his clan, the Gupapyngu people. (The trip takes a day and a half by plane.) This material had […]

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Indigenous Knowledge Management: Software Tools, Rights Markup Extensions, and the Role of ICTs

This post is a Jane Hunter trifecta. Dr. Hunter is currently a Professorial Research Fellow & Leader of the eResearch Lab at The University of Queensland’s School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Software Tools for Indigenous Knowledge Management (2002) Read the paper Rights Markup Extensions for the Protection of […]

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Ara Irititja: Stories from a Long Time Ago

Welcome to Ara Irititja From the Ara Irititja website: “Ara Irititja means ‘stories from a long time ago’ in the language of Anangu (Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people) of Central Australia. The aim of Ara Irititja is to bring back home materials of cultural and historical significance to Anangu. These include […]

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