A Holistic Perspective on Indigenous Digital Libraries in Taiwan

This paper reports on the development of Taiwan indigenous digital libraries representing fourteen groups with about five hundred and two thousand indigenous people. The study reviews 50 indigenous-related projects and initiatives in the Taiwan E-learning & Digital Archives Program (TELDAP), and concludes 5 findings of Taiwan’s indigenous digital library, each […]

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Aboriginal Ethnic Language Dictionary (Taiwan)

The Republic of China Council of Indigenous Peoples, as part of central government efforts preserving the cultural heritage of Taiwan’s 14 indigenous peoples, has launched an Aboriginal Ethnic Language Dictionary. First proposed by the Ministry of Education in 2005, the dictionary aims to systemize written signifiers of Taiwan’s indigenous languages, […]

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Digital Museum of Taiwan Indigenous People

Featuring information on the following Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan: Amis Atayal Bunun Kavalan Paiwan Puyuma Rukai Saisiyat Sakizaya Tao Thao Truku Tsou

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