International Network for Post Graduate Students in ICT4D (IPID)

The International Network for Postgraduate Students in the area of ICT4D (IPID) is a network of postgraduate students doing research in ICT4D. IPID operates through inter alia support to doctoral as well as master students and increased visibility at international conferences. The network is administered by the School of Business […]

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Digital Storytelling – Using a Participatory Approach

Spider ICT4D Seminar: Digital Storytelling – Using a Participatory Approach from SPIDERCENTER on Vimeo. Storytelling is an ancient human activity. In many cultures, people use stories to make sense of their world and to pass knowledge on to future generations, parents teach their children values and understanding of the world […]

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SPIDER’s ICT4D Seminars

The seminar series will feature established and upcoming researchers in the field of ICT4D to illuminate current research in the area. The series should be of interest to researchers, students, policy makers and development actors. Visit SPIDER’s seminar channel on Vimeo

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SPIDER’s ICT4D Resources

ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) is a relatively new and highly dynamic field of development intervention. ICT covers a whole range of technologies to access, process and distribute information (text, sound, images etc), but is most commonly used in reference to computers, Internet and mobile phones. ICT4D is […]

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Spider Stories 2011: ICT4D experiences, knowledge, & lessons learned

A publication of the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER) Contents Mapping the network and its activities ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network SMS for human rights Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) Uncharted waters – ICTs in human rights Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) The journey […]

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