Exploring the Link between ICT Intervention & Human Development through a Social Capital Lens

While it is generally accepted that information and communication technology (ICT) can lead to development, the process through which this may happen remains unclear. At the core of this debate is the very definition of the term ‘development’. In this thesis, I adopted Amartya Sen’s definition. According to Sen (1999), […]

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Researching ICT4D (Devinder Thapa’s blog)

Researching ICT4D is the blog of Devinder Thapa. Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) is a well established research area in both academia and practice. The research is trying to understand the instrumental role of ICT in development process. However, the process by which ICT may foster development, in […]

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The Value of Extended Networks: Information and Communication Technology Intervention in Rural Peru

This interpretive case study discusses the implications of the information and communication technology (ICT) intervention in a remote village located in the northern Peruvian Andes. An integrated perspective, bringing together the ICT and social capital theories, provides a sensitising framework for this exploratory research. Using grounded theory method for the […]

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Building Indigenous social capital in an online world

Abstract This paper examines the nexus between social relations of mutual benefit, information communication technology (ICT) access and social inclusion. More specifically, a case study methodology is used to examine the role of ICT in facilitating the social capital of Indigenous communities. A remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory […]

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