Digital Memory Toolkit

The Digital Memory Toolkit aims to address a lack of digital literacy in community memory projects by giving project teams the insight and tools necessary to undertake digital memory projects. Projects of this nature commonly have twofold relevance – helping to preserve local knowledge and also empowering community members through […]

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Community Owned Best Practice for Sustainable Resource Adaptive Management (COBRA)

Welcome to Project Cobra Increasing confidence across indigenous communities by: – Discussing the challenges facing their community; – Identifying their own solutions to these challenges; – Recording these solutions using visual technologies; – Sharing their results with other communities; – Implementing best practices from other communities. Short description: We use participatory […]

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Frame: Natural Resource Management Communities – ICT4D

As technology continues to offer innovative solutions to development challenges, a variety of unique approached begin to emerge. This community seeks tools, best practices and lessons learned around the growing field of ICTs for development, specifically in the Natural Resource Management sector. This is a new community, so please feel […]

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