Digital heritage in a Melanesian context: authenticity, integrity and ancestrality from the other side of the digital divide

This article examines how digital heritage, in the form of 3D digital objects, fits into particular discourses around identity, ancestrality and cultural transmission in Melanesia. Through an ethnographic analysis of digital heritage use amongst the Nalik community in New Ireland (Papua New Guinea), it demonstrates how digital heritage is understood […]

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Matukar Panau Online Talking Dictionary

The first online resource for the Panau language of Matukar village in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. Future plans include expanding the number of entries and adding Tok Pisin search functions. There are currently about 430 speakers of Matukar (Harrison, 2009). Although this number includes both young children and experienced […]

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Appropriate ICT as a Tool to Increase Effectiveness in ICT4D: Theoretical considerations…

Abstract The need to bridge the digital divide is no longer a point of discussion and therefore focus has shifted to the design and implementation of programs that have the potential to close the information and knowledge gap between the developing and developed nations. Unfortunately, the majority of these programs […]

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