ICTs for Indigenous Knowledge Preservation

Public libraries in South Africa engage with local communities to preserve indigenous knowledge. This involves teaching them to use ICT tools. Indigenous knowledge affects the well-being of the majority of people in developing countries. Some 80% of the world’s population depends on indigenous knowledge to meet their medicinal needs, and […]

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Recovering and Celebrating Inuit Knowledge through Design: The Making of a Virtual Storytelling Space

Dr. Scott Heyes (Assistant Professor at the University of Canberra) presented this paper at the Indigenous Knowledge and Technology Conference (IKTC 2011) in Namibia on 2-4 November. Dr. Heyes is a Cultural Geographer and Landscape Architect who has worked on some very interesting projects. Abstract Inuit storytelling in the Ungava […]

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Digital Songlines project

A kind fellow by the name of Jeremy just sent me a message letting me know that the link to the Digital Songlines page no longer works. After looking around a bit online, I have learned why: the group that created the project is sadly no longer in existence. The […]

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