Language app: Lakota

File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council of Fort Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan, Canada is delighted to present to you a Lakota Language app now available on iTunes App store. This app offers learning, practice, games and quizzes in many everyday categories such as greetings, phrases, vowels, expressions and much more! Learn your language […]

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Lakota Dictionary Online

Notes on the current version: “Approximate spelling” and “Consistent spelling” For the Lakota word-search input you can choose between “Approximate spelling” and “Consistent spelling”. Each approach has certain advantages. Approximate spelling This feature enables you to type Lakota words without diacritics and use some of the older and simplified spelling […]

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Language app: Diné, Lakota, Mvskoke and Ponca

The Native Language App is a great way for children and adults to learn different Native words from across Indian Country. This app can be a fun and interactive approach for someone to learn about the Indigenous cultures of where they live or as an introduction to a language they […]

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Natives on the Electric Frontier: Technology and Cultural Change on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

Abstract This dissertation examines the relationship between technology and cultural change on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, home to 7000 Lakota Indians. Recently, a number of popular authors have suggested that technology, especially electronic or ’emerging’ media technologies such as television and the Internet, is a primary […]

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