Digital Indigenous Democracy

Digital Indigenous Democracy is a proposal to the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream for $1 million funding in 2011-12. It is a partnership among IsumaTV, NITV (Nunavut Independent TV Network), the Hamlet Councils of seven Baffin Island communities led by Igloolik, and scholars from Carleton University and Mount Allison University. […]

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New technology maps Inuit knowledge: “A profound tool for reversing discrimination”

OTTAWA — About 25 kilometres southeast of Arctic Bay, on the northern shore of Adams Sound, there is a place called Qajuutinnguaq. It means “Hill shaped like a chisel.” You wouldn’t find it on most official maps because official maps of Nunavut contain huge swaths of unnamed land. And most […]

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Ilinniarnaqsivuq / Time for School

I just learned about this project from an @IsumaTV tweet that points to a post on Stacey Aglok’s Puhitaq blog. Ilinniarnaqsivuq / Time for School From the concept document presented below: Time For School/Ilihaqta (working title) is an interactive storybook/game and learning application designed for Inuit children aged 3-7. Select […]

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