Accelerating Development Using the Web: Empowering Poor & Marginalized Populations

The World Wide Web Foundation is proud to announce the publication of Accelerating Development Using the Web: Empowering Poor and Marginalized Populations. Generously supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, the book is a compendium of articles by recognized experts describing the real and potential effects of the World Wide Web in […]

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Mobile Technologies & Empowerment: Enhancing human development through participation & innovation

I haven’t focused many blog posts here on mobile technologies for development – which is odd considering my interest in them. Over the last few years, I have worked as web developer and consultant for several mobile-oriented efforts (see below) and continue to keep my ear to the virtual rail […]

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Beyond preservation: New directions for technological innovation through intangible cultural heritage

Abstract While many digitization projects are currently underway, to help preserve Indigenous traditions, few explore the full potential of the development of digital media and networked technology through Indigenous cultures. This paper outlines the three phases necessary for a robust digital preservation, promotion and growth project: Straightforward documentation of Indigenous […]

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