El Primer Congresso Internacional Patrimonio Cultural y las Nuevas Tecnologias

This conference was held on 3-6 December, 2014, in Mexico City at El Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH). The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has a mission to safeguard cultural heritage by looking to stay ahead in the application of new technologies for the conservation, research […]

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Never Neutral: Critical Approaches to Digital Tools & Culture in the Humanities

But technology is never neutral and I’m starting to see pause and critique as part of my charge, too. This opening quote is from Robin Camille Davis, Emerging Technologies & Distance Services Librarian at John Jay College of Criminal Justice at CUNY. An “Emerging Technologies Librarian” is one of several digital […]

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Centre in ICT4D at the University of Cape Town

The Centre serves as a focal point for researchers who wish to create Information and Communication Technologies that address problems in the African Continent and other developing regions. We are a multi-disciplinary Centre that seeks to create new technologies for the developing world, as well as study the impacts of […]

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