Tahltan Language Conservation Initiative Project

Tahltan Language Conservation Initiative Project (TLCIP) is a grassroots conservation effort that will focus on the preservation of the severely endangered Tahltan Language. There are only 16 fluent native Tahltan speakers alive today and all but two are over the age of seventy. TLCIP will work with the remaining speakers […]

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Technological Leap-frogging in the Congo Basin, Pygmies and Global Positioning Systems in Central Africa

Abstract It is surprising that many Pygmy hunter-gatherers in the Congo Basin, though unable to read the numbers on banknotes or write their own names, have begun to use handheld computers attached to global positioning systems (GPS). In describing this remarkable case of technological leap-frogging I will summarise the historical context that led to this […]

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Amazon Conservation Team

The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) was created in 1995 with the conviction that if international rainforest conservation efforts are to succeed, the active and meaningful participation of indigenous people is essential. With the guidance of tribal elders, shamans, traditional authorities, and leading western conservationists, ACT has developed a uniquely successful […]

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Kiwanja.net: where technology meets anthropology, conservation and development

“kiwanja.net is the fulfilment of a life-long journey – a passion for technology which began at an early age with the dismantling of old TV’s and radios the chance to play with an early Commodore PET computer, and a later fascination with the world around us, its nature and its […]

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