Information & Networking for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) may not be palpable, yet it is broad reaching while spanning cultures and has been handed down throughout the history of humankind. It is also the living heritage that represents diverse cultural expressions and has been the mainspring of community identity and community spirit throughout humanity. […]

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Apply now! Coding for Language Communities 2014

This post is adapted from Global Native Networks. It’s no secret that a handful of languages dominate the online space. A paper published last October in the journal PLOSOne (aptly titled “Digital Language Death”) found that less than five percent of the current world languages are in use online. Offline, around 7,776 […]

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Indigenous New Media Symposium 2014

The Indigenous New Media Symposium aims to bring together Native American and First Nation media makers and creative activists to discuss how new media platforms are being used in the indigenous community to educate, organize, entertain, and advocate.  In the past few years blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tools […]

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Archiving Web Resources International Conference: Issues for Cultural Heritage Organisations

In November 2004, the National Library of Australia hosted the Archiving Web Resources International Conference. Over 200 delegates from 21 countries, representing libraries, archives, museums, galleries, and government agencies, gathered to hear papers and to discuss the issues for cultural heritage organisations. Despite the daunting scale of the task ahead, […]

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CATaC conferences: cultural attitudes towards technology and communication

The biennial conference series on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication provides one of the most significant international forums for research on how diverse culture attitudes and communication preferences shape the implementation and use of information and communication technologies. The conference series brings together scholars from around the globe who […]

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Summit Addresses Indigenous Digital Divide in Australia

This post, written by Ethnos Curator Rachael Petersen, originally appeared on the Rising Voices website.  Online heritage databases, an indigenous app to connect peoples worldwide, a network of recycled digital devices, and an Aboriginal digital social enterprise are just some of the responses to the focus of a recent summit […]

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Workshop: Digital Media for Speakers of Endangered Languages in Latin America

Originally posted on by Eddie Avila on 30 November 2012 Rising Voices Note: Rising Voices is pleased to be collaborating with this upcoming event in early 2013. This is a translation of the original website in Spanish at the Living Tongues blog. Enduring Voices: Digital Media Workshop for Speakers of Endangered Languages in […]

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Information Technology and Indigenous Communities: symposium presentations

Donwload the symposium program (PDF) This 2010 AIATSIS Research Symposium was co-hosted with the Australian National University and the National Film and Sound Archive and in conjunction with the National Recording Project’s 9th Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance. About the Symposium Information Technology and Indigenous Communities (ITIC) explored the […]

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The Memory of the World in the Digital age: Digitization and Preservation

An international conference 26-28 September 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada From the UNESCO website: UNESCO proposes to organize an international conference from 26 to 28 September 2012 in Vancouver (BC) Canada, to explore the main issues affecting the preservation of digital documentary heritage, in order to develop strategies that will […]

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Workshop: Learning from Marginalized Users: Reciprocity in HCI4D

This workshop is one of 15 that will be part of the 2012 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. CSCW 2012 will be the fifteenth CSCW conference and will be held February 11-15, 2012, in Bellevue, just nine miles from Seattle, Washington, USA. These workshops are collaborative working sessions, […]

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ICTD2010: papers, posters, reports & more

I really, really wanted to be a part of this conference… but I wasn’t able to attend. Fortunately for me, however, the kind folks who organized ICTD2010 have put practically everything online for the world to enjoy: the full ICTD2010 conference report (see below), papers, posters, videos and photos (including […]

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Re-framing HCI through local and indigenous perspectives

This post provides information about “Re-framing HCI through local and indigenous perspectives,” one of several workshops that will be held at this year’s Interact2011 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Lisbon, Portugal. Interact2011 Workshop on Indigenous HCI Monday, 5 September 2011 Workshop organizers Jose Abdelnour-Nocera, University of West London Masaaki Kurosu, […]

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Puliima 2011 National Indigenous Languages and Technology Forum

The Puliima 2011 National Indigenous Languages and Technology Forum: May 10-13, 2011 The aim of the Puliima Forum is to bring together people from all over Australia and overseas who are involved in Indigenous language projects and communities to share skills and information on the use of a wide range […]

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Design, Development and Research 2011

Inaugural Conference on Design, Development and Research 2011 Bellville, Cape Town September 23, 2011 – September 27, 2011 Design is integral to the IT discipline, e.g. it is an important component of the software development process. There is also much activity in ICT4D; health & community informatics; business; and other […]

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Advancing the New Machine: Human Rights and Technology

Conference website: CONFERENCE OVERVIEW Information technologies are gaining a significant role in advancing human rights research and advocacy. But technology alone will not make the difference; what will is the combination of human rights defenders with the tools specifically designed to support their work. In May 2009 UC Berkeley’s […]

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Indigenous Knowledge Technology Conf. 2011

NOTE: Thanks to Heike Winschiers, Conference Chair, for tipping me off to this! Conference Theme Indigenous knowledge systems differ fundamentally from the knowledge systems that underlie technology development. Numerous initiatives aim to enable remote diverse communities to share their wisdom and practical know-how with conventional digital technologies but often overlook […]

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