Centre in ICT4D at the University of Cape Town

The Centre serves as a focal point for researchers who wish to create Information and Communication Technologies that address problems in the African Continent and other developing regions. We are a multi-disciplinary Centre that seeks to create new technologies for the developing world, as well as study the impacts of […]

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Preserving Endangered Languages using a Layered Web-based Archive

Abstract Many human languages, an essential part of culture, are in danger of extinction. UNESCO estimates that at least a half of the world’s 6500 spoken languages will disappear within the next 100 years. This problem can be addressed to some extent by computer systems that collect, archive and disseminate […]

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Design, Development and Research 2011

Inaugural Conference on Design, Development and Research 2011 Bellville, Cape Town September 23, 2011 – September 27, 2011 Design is integral to the IT discipline, e.g. it is an important component of the software development process. There is also much activity in ICT4D; health & community informatics; business; and other […]

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