Data Inclusion Projects in Developing Countries: Processes of Institutionalisation

This paper concerns digital inclusion projects in developing countries and, in particular, focuses on processes of institutionalisation of such projects. Three case studies are described and analysed. The first is the Akshaya telecentre project in the state of Kerala in India. The second is a community-based ICT project in a […]

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Trading Bows and Arrows for Laptops? The Paiter Surui People & Google Earth…

I’ve been following the curious story of Chief Almir Surui and his relationship with Google Earth since 2007. I was delighted to see that Mashable ran an article about the Pater Surui which allowed me to catch up with what has transpired over the last five years (however, I was […]

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The Asháninka and the Internet

The other day, I found an IDRC report about the Asháninka and their use of the Internet dating back to 2000. Coincidentally, the Atlantic just ran a post about the Asháninka based on some photos and text released by Survival International. I have cobbled various bits together below with the […]

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