An Introduction to ICT for Development (a Primer for Youth)

Primer 1 is designed to provide background information that students in undergraduate and graduate programmes can use as a starting point in the exploration of the various dimensions of the linkages through case studies of ICT applications in key sectors of development in Asia-Pacific countries. As the youth of today […]

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ICT World Today

ICT World Today is a journal on Information and Communication Technology for Development developed by the Korea Information Society Development Institute with support from APCICT. Note: seems to have been in production for only two years (2009-2010). Aims & Scope To contribute to developing the overall economies, enhancing the quality […]

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APCICT’s ICTD Briefing Note Series 2011

Updated first eight editions of APCICT’s ICTD Briefing Note Series. The publications, based on the curriculum of APCICT’s “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders Programme” (Academy), are designed to provide senior government officials with concise yet detailed analysis of ICT for development related issues and topics. The Briefing Note […]

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