So They Understand: Cultural Issues in Oral History

Illustrated with numerous stories collected from Alaska, the Yukon, and South Africa and further enlivened by the author’s accessible style and experiences as a longtime oral historian and archivist, So They Understand is a comprehensive study of the special challenges and concerns involved in documenting, representing, preserving, and interpreting oral […]

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Managing & Preserving IK in the Knowledge Management Era: challenges & opportunities

Managing knowledge in general and indigenous knowledge in particular has become an important and valuable input in the management of sustainable development programmes. Historically, indigenous knowledge has been downplayed in the management of information. The tendency among library and information professionals has been to emphasize recorded knowledge at the expense […]

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Indigenous Knowledge and The Politics of Classification

Indigenous knowledge has come to occupy a privileged position in discussions about how development can best be brought about so that finally, it really is in the interests of the poor and the marginalised. It may be true that contemporary research on and advocacy of indigenous knowledge is founded upon […]

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From Oral Tradition to Digital Collectives: Information Access and Technology in Contemporary Native American Culture

For people who may live both physically and culturally distant from the majority culture in their immediate environment, information technology can provide a boost toward accessing and documenting their own heritage. As early adopters of the Web, Native Americans began using the Internet for e-commerce and cultural outreach in the […]

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Rights Markup Extensions for the Protection of Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous cultures have experienced a renaissance over the past 5-10 years as indigenous communities have recognized the importance of documenting and sharing their cultural heritage and history. This has coincided with the explosion of the internet and the widespread application of multimedia technologies to the construction of large online cultural […]

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Software Tools for Indigenous Knowledge Management

Indigenous communities are beginning to realize the potential benefits which digital technologies can offer with regard to the documentation and preservation of their histories and cultures. However they are also coming to understand the opportunities for misuse and misappropriation of their knowledge which may accompany digitization. In this paper we […]

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Indigenous Knowledge & the Cultural Interface: Underlying issues at the intersection of knowledge & information systems

Introduction I am aware as I begin this plenary paper that members of the library profession that are drawn to a presentation slotted under the theme, Indigenous Knowledge, are most likely interested in the systems and issues for managing information in that area. And as soon as I presume that, […]

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Indigenous Knowledge Management: Software Tools, Rights Markup Extensions, and the Role of ICTs

This post is a Jane Hunter trifecta. Dr. Hunter is currently a Professorial Research Fellow & Leader of the eResearch Lab at The University of Queensland’s School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Software Tools for Indigenous Knowledge Management (2002) Read the paper Rights Markup Extensions for the Protection of […]

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