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From the Sommer Films website: Rebecca Sommer is a New-York-based and German-born international human rights advocate, journalist, artist and filmmaker, and the representative for EarthPeoples ( to the United Nations.

Rebecca Sommer has earned a reputation in many fields. She was editor at large for Madison magazine (NYC), Spirit and Scene magazine (London), photographer, set designer, SFX make up artist, art director. While she earns her living as an artist, she devotes most of her time to advocate for the protection of human and environmental rights.

Rebecca Sommer grew up in the Harz forest, northern moors and on the island of Langeoog, in Germany. She lived and worked in India, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, England and the United States. Focused on environmental and human rights issues, Rebecca visits remote places around the world.

Rebecca Sommer’s independent “no-budget” documentaries are simple, straightforward and unadorned. Created specifically to raise awareness on pressing issues faced by indigenous peoples around the world, they are used by human and environmental rights advocates, the United Nations system, and the affected peoples themselves.

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