Posted to the Ethnos Project by on September 12th, 2019

I had the opportunity to serve as the organizer for the Saratoga Native American Festival for its first two years in operation (2006 and 2007) while working as the Education Director for the Ndakinna Education Center. Since 2017, I have served as an Ndakinna board member. One of my responsibilities this year was editing the new 32-page Education Guide for the 2019 Saratoga Native American Festival.

From the Introduction

This Festival was designed around the idea that developing an understanding of the history, cultural traditions, and continued active presence of the Native American people of the Northeast is important.

The vendors, demonstrators, artists, dancers, and performers participating in this year’s Festival are here because of the commitment they show to the cultural traditions of the Nations to which they belong.

Table of Contents

  • Festival and PowWow Etiquette
  • Dances & Gatherings
  • Algonquian & Iroquoian Languages
  • History & Customs, Traditional Clothing
  • Traditional Instruments
  • Native Oral Traditions
  • About the Mohicans
  • About the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)
  • About the Abenaki
  • Saratoga’s Native Histories
  • Other Native Peoples in Saratoga County
  • Names for Saratoga and the Springs
  • Native Artisans and the Saratoga Indian Camps
  • The Springs of Congress Park