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This Curriculum Guide was published in conjunction with the 2007 Saratoga Native American Festival in Saratoga Springs, New York. Teachers at all levels will find that the lessons and activities introduced can be used broadly to support their own classroom curricula.

This program guide was developed by Amy Totino, a veteran educator at Saratoga Springs High School with experience in pre-K to college classrooms. Kay Olan (member of the Mohawk Nation, presenter of Iroquois stories and culture, and retired NYS elementary school teacher) and Phil Preston (former Akwesasne Freedom School teacher) served as cultural advisors. Mark Oppenneer, former Education Director at the Ndakinna Education Center edited and designed the guide.

The lessons and activities in this curriculum guide are aligned with the New York State Regents learning standards. The heading of each section bears the English Language Arts and Social Studies standards covered.

We encourage educators to adapt each section to meet their specific classroom needs – and to contact The Ndakinna Education Center with any questions regarding the material or suggestions contained in this guide (

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