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ringbalin-app-logoCome follow us: real world journeys with the oldest living cultures on earth to discover 40,000 years of history, knowledge and myth along Australia’s greatest rivers.

In 2010 the Ringbalin, a group of Indigenous tribes reignited an ancient ceremony, a Ringbalin, travelling 2300km, dancing to save Australia’s Murray Darling Rivers from a crippling drought. By the time they had finished rain had started falling. What followed were the biggest floods in Australian records.

The Ringbalin happens every year now. But you can join the Ringbalin right here.

Ringbalin River Stories invites you on a journey along the Murray Darling Rivers guided by Elders of the oldest cultures on earth. You will follow the Ringbalin as it dances down the river, and witness the breaking drought. And you can meet Traditional Elders along the way. They have created individual journeys of story and place to share their Countries with you.

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Whether you are on the other side of the world, or just down the road, you can take this journey right now. But you can also come here, visit, see, touch and breathe it in. The stories are set in the world around you.

The Elders will find you as you enter their Countries. The sound of clap-sticks will alert you as you near the places where they are waiting to tell their stories. They have made journeys for you to follow, with stories of the streams, mountains and plains, and songs of the waters and their People. Incredible and profound films, photo stories, and audio stories have each been geo-located on a series of beautiful interactive hand painted maps, which you can navigate to find the exact place where the Elders created each stories.

Ringbalin is a delightful weekend trip, or powerful glimpse of the landscapes of story that exist waiting to be discovered.

NOTE: Ringbalin would like to advise all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that content in the app may contain images and sounds of deceased persons. Ringbalin tries to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural protocols are followed and respected.

There is a free “lite” version available.

You can also experience Ringbalin via the web.

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