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From the Ringbalin: River Stories website: Ringbalin: River Stories is a groundbreaking multiplatform documentary that invites you to take a journey along the Murray Darling Rivers guided by Elders of the oldest cultures on earth.

A video about Ringbalin: River Stories from their now-closed Indiegogo campaign…

Whether you are on the other side of the world or just down the road, you can take this journey now from wherever you are. Or you can also come visit, see, touch and breathe it in. The stories are set in the world around you.

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The Elders will find you as you enter their Countries. The sound of clap-sticks will alert you as you near the places where they are waiting to tell their stories. They have made river journeys for you to follow with stories of the streams, mountains and plains and the songs of its waters and its peoples. They welcome you.

This is a story that starts in 2010 with Australia enduring the worst drought in its history. A group of Aboriginal nations united on a 2,300 km pilgrimage, the Ringbalin, to dance and save the river. We went along to film what happened. By the time they had finished the rain was falling. What followed were the biggest floods on record.

The Ringbalin now happens every year at Easter. If you are around you are welcome to come. But either way, you can follow the first Ringbalin right here, in the places where it happened.

Visit the website


Visit the website

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