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The Puliima 2011 National Indigenous Languages and Technology Forum: May 10-13, 2011

The aim of the Puliima Forum is to bring together people from all over Australia and overseas who are involved in Indigenous language projects and communities to share skills and information on the use of a wide range of technology to support their work. The event showcases a variety of production tools, models and programs that support content production in a range of mediums (sound, multi-media, image and print) and enables community users to experience them first hand. It incorporates knowledge of linguistics, educational programs and teaching methodologies as well as legal, moral and cultural aspects of community language project development.

The 2011 Puliima Forum will run over three days, and will include as an Australian first, a separate forum for Indigenous linguists, of which we are pleased to say there is a growing number. We aim to allow the participants to share their experiences and draft proposals to support employment initiatives, at the same time establishing a supportive network for ongoing contact.

This will be the third Puliima Forum, with the conference having been held in Newcastle in 2007 then Melbourne in 2009 with over 200 people expected to attend the 2011 Forum.

Using technology to save Indigenous languages

Listen to an audio cast from Australia’s The Wire produced by Shevonne Hunt:

“When white men first arrived in Australia there were an estimated 250 different Indigenous languages spoken. A National Indigenous Languages Survey in 2004 found that just under half of those languages had been lost, but even of those remaining, the majority were dying out. In Queensland a forum is being held to see how technology can help languages thrive. Featured in story: Daryn McKenny, manager of the Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre in Newcastle.”

Wrap-up video from Puliima 2009:


Visit the Puliima Forum website.

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