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While many larger institutions have made considerable headway on digital preservation, many medium and smaller sized institutions have struggled to make similar progress, largely due to a lack of economy of scale.

This project will investigate, evaluate, and, at its close, recommend scalable, sustainable digital preservation solutions for libraries with smaller amounts of data and/or fewer resources. Working closely with nationally recognized standards-based vendors of digital preservation solutions, the project will also investigate potential business models that would provide equitable access to digital preservation to libraries of all sizes.

The Northern Illinois University Libraries will carry out this research with a board of advisors and partner libraries at Chicago State University, Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Western Illinois University.

The Tool Grid


This tool grid is the product of researching digital preservation tools by Digital POWRR team members in early 2013. The information included is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but some information may be incorrect or have changed. We learned the information from various sources including tool websites, contacting the tool developers directly, discussion boards, and some direct tool testing.

To learn more details about a tool click on the tool name. The categories and some cost cells will show more information if you hover your cursor over that cell. The dates in the additional information about each tool pertain to the most recent release of software if possible; websites and other information may be more recent.

See the Tool Grid

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