Posted to the Ethnos Project by on February 9th, 2014

The Open Source Toolkit: Empowering digital teachers and learners through access to open-source software. Through the Open Source Toolkit, the DHC exposes the university community to software freedom. The project benefits the community by:

  • demonstrating the uses of open source
  • providing workshops for new users
  • fostering a supportive peer community
  • giving people agency in their digital work

The Center for Digital Humanities and Culture (DHC)

The DHC at Indiana University of Pennsylvania supports scholarship, proof-of-concept explorations, and project applications of digital technologies in Humanistic inquiry. It recognizes that today technology saturates the entire academic sphere, from classroom, to library, to lab. It aims to facilitate conversation, collaboration, and resource sharing amongst specialists within the disciplines. It seeks to make connections between new technologies and traditional knowledge areas, as the academy navigates the “print-to-digital” paradigm shift.

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