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Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. is releasing their App code for free

The following text is from the Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. website:

Would you like your own Aboriginal language app for the iPad, iPhone or Touch? Your language app can look like Ojibway – People and Language iPhone app

Build your own iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Language App with our code.

We are pleased to announce our new initiative to help strengthen all the First Nations and Indigenous languages around the world. Our goal is to provide each community with pre-written code enabling them to create their own language App. First Nations communities, students, teachers, and members can access our Ojibway Language App as a free download template to allow them to create their own language App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

We are giving away our software code!

Download, share and distribute our Ojibway Language App version 1.1 software code. Create a universal App in 5 very simple steps.

  1. Download our full App Source Code Zip File
  2. Install Apple Xcode (Free download for Mac Computers)
  3. Replace the Ojibway Audio files, pictures, and titles with your own files
  4. Rename the App to your language
  5. Upload the App to iTunes using your developer account

Software for First Nations by First Nations

Ogoki Learning Systems is a First Nations company specializing in the design of rich applications that engage the youth audience, provide an educational value with utility. We have over 12 years experience in developing mobile utilities from the days of text message commerce integration to our first experimental geo-based game app for the HP iPaq using locative media. Not straying too far from our roots – we now use intelligent technology to develop the next generation of smart phones utilities and mobile learning tools.

We are a 100% First Nation owned and operated company with our head offices located on the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation in Manitoba, Canada.

For more information about Ogoki Learning Systems Inc., please explore the following links:

Facebook: Facebook Page
Twitter: @ogoki
YoutubeOgokiApps on YouTube

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