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What is Obsidiana TV?

Obsidiana TV is a web platform that is born to be a support tool in the broad spectrum of work audiovisual- for emerging and professional filmmakers, who make visible the reality of Indigenous Peoples of America through his eyes.

festa dos 50 anos do Parque Índigena do Xingu - MT 2011

What makes Obsidiana TV?

We have created Obsidiana TV “cross-media” web TV – accompanying indigenous filmmakers [through] key issues in the realization process of their work, from financing through crowdfunding, to the dissemination of the achievements, and marketing. Movies made through our web TV channels like TV Obsidiana Crowdfunding platform addresses two specific groups: a) Realizadores audiovisual projects that have focused on making visible the reality and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, b) The general public, become patrons actively participates productions, contributing financially in exchange for exclusive rewards: pre-selling DVD, limited editions, in the film credits, etc. Obsidiana is also a TV Network distribution and marketing: Once the documentary, authors can publish and distribute their productions in our webTV in high quality HD. In addition to market their work on DVD or by downloading from our Site. Thus, we support artists in the key phases, accompanying audiovisual creation cycle: diffusion-finance-marketing.

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