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This is a follow-up post to “Mukurtu gearing up for Spring 2011 release” dated February 27, 2011.

Update #1: Mukurtu 0.5 Demo release is now available.

Update #2: Mukurtu receives $484,772 National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museums and Library Services. The funding will make it possible to deploy, evaluate, and refine Mukurtu through community design and implementation workshops in partnership with an international team.


From the website: “Mukurtu was built with the specific needs of Indigenous communities in mind. We listened to concerns about access, preservation, licensing and sharing within cultural systems that don’t match easily with Western legal and social systems. Mukurtu aims to meet these needs while also being flexible enough to showcase the differences of Indigenous cultural heritage needs. We invite you to try this demo version of Mukurtu. We are working hard to meet your needs and we need your help. Mukurtu started as a grassroots effort and we remain committed to developing Mukurtu around your needs. So give it a try, kick the tires, test and give us feedback so we can make Mukurtu work for you and you can be part of a growing community of users dedicated to solving the challenges of preserving, protecting and sharing Indigenous digital cultural heritage respectfully and responsibly.”

Interview with Dr. Kimberly Christen, Project Director of the Mukurtu archival platform by Digital Archaeology

I have requested a download of the demo release. Am very interested to see it action…

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