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The folks at Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages have put together a fine list of language archives and online resources dealing with endangered languages. Here is the intro from their website:

“People often approach us seeking information about the world’s most endangered languages. Students ask us, “I want to help with language documentation – where do I begin?” So, we put together this resource page with as many links to language archives as we could find. This page will benefit all people interested in exploring what is out there on the web related to endangered language research, and give newcomers an idea of the ongoing projects that they can contribute to and get involved with.

The sites listed below are grouped according to Language Hotspots. We define hotspots as concentrated regions of the world having the highest level of linguistic diversity, the highest levels of endangerment, and the least-studied languages. Click here for more information on Language Hotspots. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped us compile the resources on this page! We appreciate your help!”

As mentioned above, the resources are listed by language hotspots:

I. Regional Language Archives

Central and Eastern Siberia
Caucasus Region
Greater South Asia
Eastern Melanesia and Papua New Guinea
Taiwan and other Pacific Languages
Latin American Hotspots (Mesoamerica, Central and South America)
Northern and Central Australia
Western North America
African Hotspots

II. Global Language Archives
III. Language Documentation & Citizen Media Resources

Visit the Living Tongues Endangered Languages Resources page >>

About the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages

From The mission of the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages is to promote the documentation, maintenance, preservation, and revitalization of endangered languages worldwide through linguist-aided, community-driven multi-media language documentation projects.

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