Posted to the Ethnos Project by on July 31st, 2013

At Literacy Bridge, our mission is to empower children and adults with tools for knowledge sharing and literacy learning, as an effective means towards advancing education, health, economic development, democracy, and human rights.

We acknowledge that a wealth of crucial knowledge is already available within developing countries; the problem is reaching people who lack literacy skills and live without electricity. We address this problem with a simple and low-cost audio technology — the Talking Book. We designed the Talking Book to address the short and long-term needs of those we serve: it gets vital knowledge into their hands immediately while enabling them to practice and improve their literacy skills over time.

Currently, we employ staff in Ghana, and have hundreds of volunteers, advisors, and advocates who support this work with their time and money. We work closely with rural residents, development organizations, and government officials—each of whom influences decisions for the Talking Book design as well as how it is implemented in rural contexts.

We partner with local organizations that serve rural, poor communities. By combining our expertise with theirs, our partners reach the most people with the greatest impact for the least cost. We have established various partnerships, achieved promising results in our pilot studies and we are excited about our future endeavors.

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