Posted to the Ethnos Project by on June 21st, 2015

This study is an exploratory investigation of the role of ICT and indigenous knowledge in the relative success of “Flea” Market vendors in Nigeria in spite of the close proximity that bites into their pricing and patronage. Observation and interviews techniques were used to elicit information from vendors selected through stratified and convenience random sampling techniques. The information were subjected to qualitative (rational logical) analysis. Even though quite a lot of these vendors have no higher than a high school diploma, most of whom are women, they somehow manage to survive the crunching economic meltdown happening all around them and despite the close proximity competition. The explanation for these are found to be in the way the traders apply their indigenous knowledge (IK) for conflict resolution and mediation, methods of production, and training, plus their simple ICT gadget, the cell phone, for customer relationship management, product promotion, and access to resources (family and political).It was indicated that since each major Flea Market has its own strength in terms of product specialty, ICT resources like cellphones, website and other related facilities showcase and developed to showcase advance and IK, as well as the strength and market opportunities of each market to create opportunities for economic development and tourism to Abeokuta, among others.

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