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Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts publishes papers reporting original research and other issues relating to the learning of individuals, groups, communities and organisations. The emphasis is on the socio-cultural dimensions of learning in these different contexts and configurations. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality, clearly written, internationally refereed articles that deliberately tackle the problem of the relationship between learning and the wider group, organisation, community, region or society. Australia and the concerns it experiences are not unique, and much can and should be learned from international contexts and experiences. For these reasons, the journal is genuinely international, with the focus on potentially generically applicable research that applies to particular situated problems or issues.

Snapshot of Recent Issues

Number 13 May 2013
Download Number 13: May 2013 (PDF)

  • Editorial – Stephen Hamilton
  • Generative and ‘Ground-Up’ Research in Aboriginal Australia – Michael Christie
  • Teachers Begin Developing Socio-Cultural Awareness in Early Field Experiences – Susan Catapano and Candace Thompson
  • Doing Philosophy at the Boundaries: Researching the Design of Health Multimedia with Doctors and Indigenous Australians – Christian Clark
  • Yolŋu Sign Language: An Undocumented Language of Arnhem Land – Elaine Maypilama and Dany Adone
  • Following Actors: Enrolling the Vocabulary of Actor Network Theory to Talk about Internet Banking in a Remote Indigenous Town – Anthea Nicholls
  • Regulating Responsibilities: Income Management, Community Engagement and Bureaucratic Learning at Mäpuru, North East Arnhem Land – Stef Puszka, John Greatorex and Greg Williams

Number 12 April 2013
Download Number 12: April 2013 (PDF)

  • Editorial: The ethnographer in the text: Stories of disconcertment in the changing worlds of north Australian social research- Michael Christie and Helen Verran
  • Belonging, being and becoming: Learning within early childhood education in a remote Aboriginal community – Helen Hazard
  • Rising to the challenge of SEIQoL-DW… or not – Rachael McMahon
  • Fire, lamb chops and engagement: Practice and theory entanglements in remote Aboriginal education – Matthew Campbell
  • The promise of milmarra – Kathryn MacMahon
  • The child under the table: Optimism and melancholy in school-based ethnography – Helen Harper
  • Talking home and housing: The ethnographer brought back down to earth – Michael Christie
  • The dead as participants: Challenged by the Yolŋu Aboriginal child learner at Gäṉgaṉ – Helen Verran
  • Paper work – Anthea Nicholls
  • An ethnographer searching for the hybrid economy finds she’s been doing it all along: Pandanus, participation and perseverance- Emily Munro-Harrison
  • The generative role of narrative in ethnographies of disconcertment: Social scientists participating in the public problems of north Australia – Helen Verran and Michael Christie

Issue 1 2011
Download Issue 1: 2011 (PDF)

  • Academic Quality and Internships Students Account on the value of Theory in Practice: Lars Svensson, Kristina Johansson and Leif Karlsson
  • Turning over Stones I hadn’t even realized were there at the Beginning “A Study of Critical Analysis in Teacher Training”: Susanne Gustavsson & Gunvi Broberg & Susanna Nilson Jacobsson and Marrianne Lord
  • One Step towards Integration Aspects on how Immigrants Academics Learn During Internship: Jörgen Dimenäs & Majid Jaffari
  • Nurses Students’ Clinical Competence Assessed by Students and their Clinical Supervisors an Issue of Communication: Ann-Helen Sandvik
  • The Experience of being a Preceptor for a Nurse Students in Clinical Practice a Cross Sectional Qualitative stud: Yvonne Hilli

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