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“ is the fulfilment of a life-long journey – a passion for technology which began at an early age with the dismantling of old TV’s and radios the chance to play with an early Commodore PET computer, and a later fascination with the world around us, its nature and its people, and my first visit to the African continent in 1993.

Having the opportunity to combine these skills and interests, and to unselfishly share what knowledge I have with people around the world is a job description I could have only dreamed of in the early days. But a combination of luck, circumstance, grit, determination and the nack of picking myself up when all seems to have failed has somehow got me here. Passion, drive, commitment and stubborn determination, combined with a strong people-centred approach to everything I do has not only helped shape me as an individual but has steered the direction of my life and brought me to where, and who, I am today.”

NOTE: Spend some time exploring the content and watching the videos on this site. You will quickly discover that Ken Banks is the man. I’ve only crossed paths with him briefly (and virtually at that) while developing the websites for FrontlineSMS:Credit and FrontlineSMS:Legal, but I have immense respect for his work. Cheers, Mark O.

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