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MIT’s D-Lab will lead the International Development Innovation Network (IDIN), a consortium of universities around the world to establish and nurture a global network of local innovators using technology to address issues facing people living in poverty.

“One of our visions is actually to fundamentally change the way that development is practiced. How can we engage local innovators in creating technologies that address the problems in their own context, how can we be sure that the most cost effective technologies are being implemented.” – Amy Smith

IDIN Key Activities

IDIN will realize a global network extending from village-level workshops to top research institutions that will foster local innovators, social science research, and technology and venture design to address major international development challenges.

International Design Summits

IDIN will host 12 international design summits, training more than 600 innovators and creating a global network of innovators, and develop tools to foster collaboration among network members.

Innovation Hubs & Venture Accelerators

IDIN will create eight innovation hubs and venture accelerators worldwide will support and connect promising technologies and innovators to the resources and training necessary to bring those solutions to the populations that need them most.


IDIN will conduct rigorous evaluation to determine the social, economic, and political impact of both the products and process of local innovation in international development.

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