Posted to the Ethnos Project by on July 28th, 2013

We live in a time of unprecedented advances in science and technology. The world is ever more globalised and interconnected. Yet poverty is deepening, the environment is in crisis and progress towards the Millennium Development Goals has stalled.

Meeting the interlinked global challenges of poverty reduction, social justice and environmental sustainability is the great moral and political imperative of our age. Science, technology and innovation of many kinds have essential roles to play in this. But along with many others, the STEPS Centre believes that this imperative can only be fulfilled if there is a radical shift in how we think about and perform innovation.

We need a new politics of innovation. Such a shift is possible, and in inspirational initiatives around the world, it is underway. Innovation, Sustainability, Development: A New Manifesto intends to provoke more vibrant and explicitly political debate and to catalyse action.

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