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This program offers intensive graduate level education designed to foster analytical strength and insight into Asian societies and international relations, at a time when information and communication technology is having an increasingly profound impact on the region.

The program is tailored to both international and Japanese students who are motivated to pursue active professional careers on the regional and global stages. All instruction will be conducted in English, so proficiency in Japanese is not a prerequisite. Unlike the conventional Japanese academic calendar, the academic year at ITASIA begins in October.

ITASIA is comprised of two programs: one that grants an M.A.S. (Master of Arts and Sciences) degree and the other a Ph.D. doctoral degree.

The Ph.D. program is intended to produce high-level researchers and professionals in the fields of Asian studies and information studies. Students will acquire a broad-based knowledge of arts and sciences as well as expertise in the investigative techniques and theoretical analysis required for advanced research in politics, economics, media studies, and other social sciences.

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