Posted to the Ethnos Project by on July 7th, 2013

Information Technology and Indigenous Communities (ITIC) explored the ever-increasing use of IT to access, create and collate tangible and intangible cultural information and heritage. The torrent of new media and digitisation provides a wealth of opportunity for creativity, transmission and the decentralisation of collections and the information they contain.

What is the best way to engage in this process with limited technological support? What are the opportunities of social networking, mobile phone technologies, iTunes, and broadband roll out? Servers, content clouds, or external hard drives?

The symposium brought together community workers, institutions, researchers, technical advisors and IT professionals to discuss current projects, share challenges and solutions; investigate improved digitization options; explore new methods and technologies; and think creatively about future pathways.

The workshop explored digital technologies that are useful for communities, key issues in content management, access and sustainability, and how project workers, developers and institutions can work together to achieve community objectives.

The creation of online digital resources presents many technical, educational and ethical challenges and opportunities. This gathering brought together individuals with broad experience and multi-disciplinary research that will inform future directions for the creation and sustainable access and archiving of digital objects.

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