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ict4d-curriculum-coversThe Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS) at UPenn commissioned the writing of a course curriculum and syllabus which is meant for teaching the fundamentals of ICT4D.

The first syllabus was developed as part of collaboration between CGCS and the World Bank, and features a two-week module on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The development of a second version of the syllabus, with a two week module on Africa, was funded by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York to conduct research on ICTs, state-building, and peace-building in Africa. CGCS commissioned Martin Hilbert, a Fellow at the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California and an Economic Affairs Officer of the United Nations who specializes in the role of information in development, to create the syllabi.

Brief description of the course from the syllabus

This course reviews fundamentals of Information and Communication (ICT) for development, with a focus on policymaking, regulation and strategy building. It covers international perspectives and national case studies. It teaches the economic, social, and political role of ICTs in the development dynamic and asks what can be done to reap the full benefits. Topics include digital innovation, conceptual frameworks of digital transformations, national policy strategies, ICT regulation and market structure, broadband technology, and significant applications, such as e-government.

ICT4D Syllabus Eastern Europe and Asia (PDF)
ICT4D Syllabus Africa (PDF)

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