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Welcome to Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IAJIKS) is an independent and fully accredited publication. The name Indilinga: stands for the “circular orientation” of indigenous African communities which is exhibited in their material culture and behaviour. The journal has been motivated by the need for a dependable expression for critical and analytical writing on issues related to production, dissemination and recognition of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. IAJIKS represents a variety of cross disciplinary interests in ethno-methodology and in qualitative methods. Debates on methodology, epistemology, ethics, gender, education, science and technology, arts, food systems and social-cultural issues are invited.

The aim and thrust of IAJIKS is to bring together scholars and thinkers to promote, analyse, critique and preserve Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS). The Journal is devoted to the promotion of the research and scholarship of IKS. With the increasing enthusiasm of African Renaissance, it could not be long before attention is turned to IKS to contribute of development of Africa and the world.It is for this reason that the journal is founded as an international academic forum to exchange ideas and theories surrounding IKS. It is part of a research network entitled Productive Learning Cultures. The network is a research co-operation between Southern African Universities and the University of Bergen (Norway).

With the journal a forum is created for African scholars, analysts and activists in IKS to participate on an equal footing with their contemporaries world-wide in debates, exchange of ideas and the creation and documentation of knowledge.

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