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Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) is the peak body for remote Indigenous media and communications and was founded in 2001.

IRCA is committed to building the capacity of the sector while also providing tools, networks and resources that help remote media workers build their skills, profile and performance.

ircaIRCA currently represents 147 Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services (RIBS) across Australia, supported by eight Remote Indigenous Media Organisations (RIMOs), plus other non-RIBS and aspirant remote media groups.

IRCA considers Indigenous managed media and communications services an essential service in remote Indigenous communities, providing access to relevant media and information services, supporting health and wellbeing, enhancing skills and employment, and social and economic development.

IRCA recognises that remote Indigenous media practice has an historical and proven role in the maintenance of language and culture, self–representation and community development; and that remote Indigenous media organisations have played a pro–active and decisive role in the development of a remote media and communications industry.

IRCA is committed to supporting remote media workers to providing appropriate and timely communication to remote living Indigenous people in Australia. With many communities having predominantly Indigenous language speakers, IRCA is aware of the unique and valuable role of Indigenous language broadcasting and production in preserving and maintaining culture, and promoting community wellbeing and cultural safety.

IRCA is well positioned through its strong links with remote media organisations and workers to play a key role in representing and serving the remote Indigenous Media sector at Government and Industry level.

IRCA can assist with brokering the delivery of important messages to remote Australians via radio, TV and online services – i.e. ‘Closing the Gap’ campaigns around health, legal services, education, housing, digital switchover and telecommunications.

As well as supporting RIMO operations and radio networks, IRCA supports the ongoing provision of Indigenous Community Television (ICTV) for remote viewers via its own full-time digital satellite channel. With ICTV, IRCA also manages an online platform ( to showcase the work of Indigenous media producers.

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